Nuke Jumpers. What Men Do. Without Being Asked.

This is a news story about what men do, without being asked, whenever challenges appear.

Willingly jump into a nuclear reactor, certain death , to save their wives, children, families, community, and country.

At the nukelar reactors damaged by the tsunami in Japan, they are trying to figure out how to cool these runaway reactors. So, who will step up to risk the radiation poisoning and do the job? A bunch of men going for the likelihood of death, but knowing they can edge their families along that much more with the money.

That is oppression for ya. Are there ladies lining up to jump? Where are all the ladies? Oh, over there, starting all of the public-interest intiatives, the rock bands, the newspapers, the civic festivals, and so on. Wait – it is men doing all of thiose things! Wow, we men have a lot to apologize for, in this hegemony we have created!

Well, ladies, here comes the official apology:

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