Spring Floods: Snow Melt or AGW? Sci Am sez:

Spring Floods: Snow Melt or AGW? Sci Am sez:

“Human-induced climate change.”

Just in time! This winter, here in North America, (or, soon to be – for now, we call it Canada, The United States of America, and Mexico – but not for long!!!!!) we had incredible snow fall. That really dealt a blow to the global warming panic addicts, but never worry!~!!!

Huge snows means huge snow melts. As soon as the earliest flood made the news, I commented to friends – here it comes  — the snowfall totally defies the AGW predictions, and will melt and make incredible floods. But the AGW crowd will attribute the floods to “GLOBAL WARMING AHEAD” warning sign.

Sure enough. I cannot find this online yet, but Scientific American May 2011, page 16, fulfills my prophecy: “Warning: Flooding Ahead; Human-Induced Climate Change Is Bringing On More Extreme Weather.”

Their pic: “High waters: Nashville, Tenn., on May 3, 2010.”

How predictable. This is how weak the AGW propaganda has gotten. You get unprecedented snow fall, against predictions of total meltdown, and they lable the resulting snow-melt floods as global warming.

Are you suspicious of these liars yet?


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