“I’d Make Voting A Privilege.”


“Democracy is blocking intelligence.” If you have a difficult time explaining why you are a democrat AND disagree with this woman, you may want to spend some time figuring out how the commuists have sold you this garbage.

http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/by/elizabeth-farrelly Elizabeth Farrelly.

This opinion piece may not stay up long, so I will put a couple quotes.

“For one person to live in an acre of grass and trees is perfectly harmless, even lovable. But for the numberless hordes to do it means an end to wilderness, clean air and polar bears.” What an idiot. Her IQ must be at 80 or below. The irony will be lost on little siss Dim-Wit IQ: there actually is nearly an acre per person on the planet. We could each hav a half acre for jumping around on the salvia doing that Faux-Hippie Grateful Ded dance they do on the college campuses up north.
“This must be obvious to everyone who has ever sat in the daily Sydney-to-Richmond traffic jam, yet we do not see it. Which is why premiers repeatedly stake their careers on building more roads, which just means more congestion.”

It is called efficiency. When we live in cities, our carbon footprint is way lower than if we all live on a farm. All of our needs are met with little expense of time and energy. Laying down electricity for 100: easier if the 100 are spread across 100 acres, or one ten-storey building with ten flats per floor? supplying organically grown produce for those 100 people. Grow adn take ot central point, or have everyone spending 2 days per week scurrying to barter with the farmer-neighbors?


Happiness has become not just a universal entitlement but almost an obligation, replacing such ideals as goodness or enlightenment as Life’s True Purpose. It’s not that, as a society, we’re especially happy. More than we feel we ought to be. We feel that, under the circumstances, and given the vast quanta of food, pleasure, leisure, wealth and freedom at our disposal, there’s no reason not to be.

Unless it comes to our sexual life, and the govt paying for birth control pills and abortion.

Is Miss Enlightened about to go Moral on us? The Bible teaches the desirability of putting pleasure aside for the sake of others.

“Whether non-democracies such as China will negotiate the rapids of the coming century more adroitly remains to be seen. Certainly, freed from any need to pander to the 80/80 rule, they have at least one freedom Western-style democracies do not have – the freedom to act decisively.

This, of course, can be bad, very bad. But it can also be good.”

You will have to read on to discover how Miss Elitist explains how China’s totalitarianism is better than Australia’s democracy. If you are pulling for China, then do a double-take the next time you identify as “democrat.”

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