Planned Parenthood does the Walmart

Planned Parenthood does the Walmart

I am posting this topic so I can get it ouit there. I need to take some time and put info together, such as news stories. But in other posts I have presented the idea that: 1. we liberals should recognize abortion as an atrocity violating human rights; 2. we used to; 3. we changed when money from abortion providers helped fund our re-election campaigns AND when our values were manipulated to curry our favor (Nathanson has reported that he and Lader had a bif role in defining the slogans); and 4. that Planned Parenthood specifically operates as a money-laundering scheme to drag in taxpayer money for various services that are overbilled, providing a slush fund, and wit that fund banrolling re-election campaigns.

For all of this political power to happen, there has to be a pretty reliable revenue stream into the re-election coffers. As PP has grown, they have had a more stable income, and have been able to refill the war chest. This has been done, obviously, by performing more billable services, including abortions, but also by squeezing out the competition.

We liberals decry Walmart for squeezing out mom-and-pop groceries. Well, we used to before they were all gone.

Now, we hate them because they provide jobs for people who are willing to accept the jobs. What? Oh – sorry – I have just been corrected – we hate them because they replaced mom-and-pop groceries, which did not provide health insurance and did not provide great wages, with an employer who also does neither, but allows all of these low-wage, no-insurance families with the ability to buy things much more inexpensively, with better service, better hours, better selection,  and more convenience, than the mom-and-pop shops.

The number of abortions performed each year has been declining.

The number of abortion clinics has been declining.

The number of PP has been increasing.

Do the math.

PP is crowding out the mom-and-pop abortion clinics.

Mom-and-pop abortion clinics do not have much of a chance of throwing around political power – it is enough to run your indepedent practice, much less do all the lobbying, price discount negotiating, elbow-rubbing, and such.

With the big network, PP has the ability to persist in a market until the competition folds. And fold they have.

This has boosted PPs political power. They get a presence in more jurisdictions, and thus have more power at state level as well as federal.

How do I know this?

As a young, eager, dewey-eyed – wait, Truman, not Dewey – starry-eyed democrat, I listened to those more knowledgable about the “multinational coprporations,” and the “interlocking boards of directors,” and the power of the eveil lobbyists. In constrast, we were the party of the volunteers, of the street-level GOTV efforts. We learned how to analyze govt to see how all of the big coprorations go ttheir way in the halls of congress.

So, I have taken the same skeptical approach and looked at Planned Parenthood. First, a couple decades ago, I figured out how gross and shameful abortion was – I quit drinking the Kool-aid. THen, I saw how over-committed we democrats had become on this one issue. Bizarre as well as gross.

Interlocking memberships: who is Cecile’s husband? what connections are there between Susan Komen and Planned Parenthood? And one I have not explored yet: What is the connection between the March of Dimes, with their “neutral”stance on abortion along their commitment to decrease the number of babies BORN with birth defects, and the abortion lobby? How has the American Psychological Association AND the American Psychiatric Association BOTH clearly come out with statements strongly declaring that abortion cannot harm women psychologically, when the clear evidence is in many stories reported on the internet, and in people with whom I have personally talked?

This is all about political power. THe dems have created a permanent election campaing fund based on taxpayer dollars. And Planned Parenthood is going to keep swallowing up the mom-and-pop abortion clinics because. like Walmart, they can, and have lots of incentive.

Why do we “stand with” Planned Parenthood, necessarily, rather than “stand with” abortion providers generally? PP has the machine. Mom-and-pop do not.

In the long run, this will work to bring abortion to an end: there is only one political entity that has to be limited in order to break the election fund cycle: cut off the gravy train flowing to PP and the election funds will dry up, and the pols will go favor someone else’s cocaine and ho okers.

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