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IOM, HHS = Social Engineering, Fosters Dependent Class

IOM = Social Engineering

Just the other day, the Institute of Medicine released their quango recommendations for what government-sponsored health insurance should cover as far as women’s “clinical preventive services” is concerned.

IOM is a high-level panel of knowledgeable people who review big topics and make big recommendations, which get a lot of attention because of their high profile. IOM is partly supported by Govt, but not part of the govt, but everyone is well aware that these high level topics have high application to govt policy.

Thte IOM distinguishes the Dept of HHS as the focus of the rec’s. THat means Sebelius, number two on Planned Parenthood’s unofficial Board of Directors.

“Clinical preventive services for women.” So, what jumps to mind? Sure. Pap smears. Gonorrhea screening. Maybe the HPV vaccine. Maybe even info on how you get pregnant, in case there is anyone other than Elizabeth Smart who reaches the age of eleven without knowing where babies come from, and gets to the age of thirteen withoout realizing you can buy the condom pack at any convenience store right next to the vitamin pak, the pseudo ephedrine, and the horny goat weed.

Clinical preventive services. Just like the title sez.

But something else is a-foot.


I am a guy, so, to me, this is the chemistry equivalent of the total bachelor pad. The Bang and Olufsen turntable, the Dave Matthews, and so on.

Yay-Hoo! THe edumacated professionals are declaring that the govt should make the health insurance pay for the sex lives of anyone with health insurance, PLUS, if we can work all of this the right way, pay for the sex lives of anyone we can get declared as poor!

THE IOM declares that the govt should endorse health care coverage of “the full range of Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity.”

So, in short, we all get to pay for the carefree sex lives of the lower classes. WE all pay for the lower classes to get birth control pills, the day-after pills, and abortions.

The rub: How is the prevention of pregnancy a clinical preventive service?

How is abortion a clinical preventive service?

THis can only be the case if you hold the classist view that the poor are an irresponsible, dependent class who will sink our society unless we enable them to have irresponsible sex with no responsibilities.

Children who can get pregnant. That is our view of the lower classes.

Lower classes?


What kind of money are we talking about?

What does a condom cost? What does a month of birth control pills cost?

I would give the answers, but this is just too simple. Go look it up. Not much.

What does an abortion cost? I don’t know. But the going rate may be around $500.

If you want to play golf regularly, you pay the membership. If you want cable TV, you pay the monthly fee.

That fee is about what it costs a young adult “of reproductive capacity” to safeguard against pregnancy.

Let’s face it: if he won’t buy the condoms, or pay for the monthly birth control pills, he’s just not that into you – emotionally – while he is into you literally. What is the deal – if you ask him to pony up the $4o/month, he will dump you for the next liberated women down the block?

Apparently so.

What will we do? We can’t have these low-income people over-running us with their hungry children! First, we’ll have to feed them the next they will work teir way into our schools!

Well, we can’t just kill them off.

Or, can we?

If we make it sound like a good thing – OK, let’s try. We’ll need some buzz words. Oppression. Freedom. Choice. Future. Prevention.


But a child is not a disease.

Nope. Let’s work on this one. Prevention. Prevention.

I got it:

Clinical Prevention.

That’s it!

While we work to encourage the low-income, lower classes to oppress themselves with childlike indulgences, we will provide, in the “clinical” setting, “services” to keep them happy!

And we will wrap it in the mantel of medical care, giving it a legitimacy that cannot be attacked! If someone attacks it, they will be  – gasp – attacking health care for the needy! Genius!

And the end-game: what do we get? A dependent class, and a perpetual funding stream for our partners-in-arms, and campaign-fund reservoir, Planned Parenthood.

Now, think about it: what illness is prevented by giving out birth control pills?


This is, clinically speaking, backwards. And, what’s more, it is perverse:

First: if you depend on BC to prevent pregnancy, you will end up at high risk for a sexually transmitted disease.

Second: birth control pills elevate your risk of blood clots!

So: these “clinical preventive services” do nothing to prevent disease, and they boost your likelihood of disease.


A neat step toward the totalitarian state. Not Orwell’s view, but Huxley’s.

Entitlements to fun, and freedoms from the usual hassles of a productive, mature life.

WE upper classes are not fooled. We already know what it takes to survive, and succeed. We know it is not a life of indulgence.

But this is not about us. This is about the poor, ignorant, incapable, childish lower classes. Our cause celebre. Our bulwark. We are now entrenched.


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“TIME” to change The Constitution

Time Magazine’s recent COVER story is more propaganda about how maybe, just maybe, it might be time to rewrite the United States Constituion.,8599,2079445,00.html

Taking the old “where are the dead bodies,” we can ask: “What is wrong with America that we need to change the Constitution?”

Seriously. The reason we have so much freedom for socialists to parade around ideas and rallies is dependent on two things: our Constitution, and our almost unimaginable wealth, which is a direct result of a country run by a philosophy of individual liberties and regulated government which is composed by everyday citizens and is accountable to everyday citizens.

The socialists hate this. They cannot get their way in a country where they will be accountable. Where they don’t get to set all of the rules. Where they are not able to punish those who have the ideas and drive to stop them in their tracks.

They see this about us here in the U.S. Once they can shift power so that our style of govt is no longer in operation, then they can make the next big move, the next great revolution and evolution toward Marx’s utopia governed by elite intellectuals.

To make all of this palatable, they have to proceed in a certain way. First, keep up the ‘consciousness-raising:’ this is when you take a few observations, and brainstorm a few ideas about it, and get the topic rolling. Then, you explore the implications of these ideas: what if this, what if that, do you think this might work, could we do that better, is this really OK, and so on. All seemingly speculative.

Then, as that discussion ball gets rolling, define some position, and make it attractive, partly based on the previous two steps: hey, these observations suggest some change might be needed, added to hey, here is a proposal people have been talking about.

Finally, the Bolshevik: label those who oppose your ideas as interfering with humane, decent govt. Lock them up. Label them as evil.

These Chicago and Harvard people have been discussing changing the Constitution for several years. Cass Sunstein has published books on this. Recently, Goodwin Liu has jumped in on this game. Sarah Herlihy has written about this. These people all know each other. This discussion is not just bubbling up out of the populis; this is a strategic move from the combination of elitist totalitarians and international socialists (plenty of room for overlap there).

The TIME article shows that these people are talking to each other – TIME is one of them anyway – and have already advanced to the harsh name-calling: they are claiming that the problem with our Constitution (what problem? where? where are the dead bodies?) is that it supports an ‘extreme right-wing idealogy.’

Gee, I never realized how bad things have gotten. Is that so?

Given that the Constitution might actually be performing this function, what should we do: expand a bunch of entitlement rights, or figure out how the right-wing extremism might be checked?

As a ‘remedy,’ should we declare that a panel of Harvard profs should decide what is in the news and on the internet, and develop a feed of info so that we are all well-informed, or should we just outlaw whatever is wrong? Mlitias threatening to blow up buildings? Hey, there’s already an app for that.

Gun ownership? Hey there are already apps for that.

A president must be a natural-born citizen? Well, we could all decide, thru the normal Const change principal, to modify the Const. But no, these people are not talking abt tidying up some not-well-specified language abt citizenship; they are talking about adding a list of rights that they imagine will make the U.S. and even better experiment.

Problem is: we know where these go. We hand over our lives to a handful of intelligencia dictators and we become Bolshevik Russia, or Cuba, or wherever we have played this out already.

Here is one of their leading organizations/platforms:

OK, now I have tipped you off. Go read for yourself. And keep one thing in mind: they are not going to walk up to you and declare they are elitist totalitarians, or International Marxists. You have to spend some time in thought, and maybe discussion, and maybe studying history, to figure out: why are things so good here that we rose to be an international world power and benefactor within 150 years? Why are ppl suffering at the hands of ruithless coyotes to get shuttled into this coutry illegally? Why are foreign medical care personnel and engineers so driven to be the tops of their class, then sign up to come here, when the best and brightest of the planet are in position to go anywhere?

And, how could we mess this up?

Well, maybe it is TIME for you to quit nodding your head at the rhetoric, and quit signing all of those meaningless petitions, and start figuring some things out. Read Sunstein and Liu and TIME and Herlihy for yourself. Why are the same usual suspects in the middle of the Spring Uprising the week after they were at the Michigan pro-union rallies?





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Casey Anthony Not Guilty, Circumstantial Evidence not enough. Good thing.

this is how our system works. it is a steep charge to find someone guilty of murder that might call for the death penalty.

we had better be sure.

it will tkae more than a bunch of second-hand gossip.

the jury did their work.

i do not know everything, but i never heard any bit of info that linked casey anthony to the death of her daughter, caylee.

sure, everyone in the family appeared totally nuts.

think abt it – we all know ppl who lie just because they can. who party when terrible things are going on in their lives. this behavior does not make you guilty of murder of anyone.

all of the circumstantial stuff, added together, make casey seem guilty. but, that is not what the jury gets to decide.

there was nothing tying casey to this murder. no fingerprint on the duct tape. no witness seeing a tattoo-d yougn woman dragging some human-like lump into the woods on that day.

no security camera of casey buying rope and chloroform the day before the murder.


sure, it seems like the wrong outcome.

the problem was in the investigation, and in the prosecution.

the prosecution decided to go to court with – what – the rumor of a smell of a trunk? the supposed heart-shaped sticker on duct tape?

are you kidding me? a heart-shaped sticker? that was never seen? just its disapeparing impression?

someone ought to lose their job for deciding to go to court. that is weak.

michael jackson may have messed around with a lot of kids, with his joy juice. but the one case brought against him had no evidence to lean on. plus, a bunch of info that made everyone wonder whether the mom was just out to get money yet again.

people wanted MJ to get in trouble in that one case to be justice for anyone he may have messed with. that is not our system.

here, you get accused of a specific thing, and get tried for it. you don’t win or lose based on your character – there are plenty of us with poor character. And plenty of embarrasing circumstances happening around us.

If that was all it took to be found guilty of murder…

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