Casey Anthony Not Guilty, Circumstantial Evidence not enough. Good thing.

this is how our system works. it is a steep charge to find someone guilty of murder that might call for the death penalty.

we had better be sure.

it will tkae more than a bunch of second-hand gossip.

the jury did their work.

i do not know everything, but i never heard any bit of info that linked casey anthony to the death of her daughter, caylee.

sure, everyone in the family appeared totally nuts.

think abt it – we all know ppl who lie just because they can. who party when terrible things are going on in their lives. this behavior does not make you guilty of murder of anyone.

all of the circumstantial stuff, added together, make casey seem guilty. but, that is not what the jury gets to decide.

there was nothing tying casey to this murder. no fingerprint on the duct tape. no witness seeing a tattoo-d yougn woman dragging some human-like lump into the woods on that day.

no security camera of casey buying rope and chloroform the day before the murder.


sure, it seems like the wrong outcome.

the problem was in the investigation, and in the prosecution.

the prosecution decided to go to court with – what – the rumor of a smell of a trunk? the supposed heart-shaped sticker on duct tape?

are you kidding me? a heart-shaped sticker? that was never seen? just its disapeparing impression?

someone ought to lose their job for deciding to go to court. that is weak.

michael jackson may have messed around with a lot of kids, with his joy juice. but the one case brought against him had no evidence to lean on. plus, a bunch of info that made everyone wonder whether the mom was just out to get money yet again.

people wanted MJ to get in trouble in that one case to be justice for anyone he may have messed with. that is not our system.

here, you get accused of a specific thing, and get tried for it. you don’t win or lose based on your character – there are plenty of us with poor character. And plenty of embarrasing circumstances happening around us.

If that was all it took to be found guilty of murder…

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