IOM, HHS = Social Engineering, Fosters Dependent Class

IOM = Social Engineering

Just the other day, the Institute of Medicine released their quango recommendations for what government-sponsored health insurance should cover as far as women’s “clinical preventive services” is concerned.

IOM is a high-level panel of knowledgeable people who review big topics and make big recommendations, which get a lot of attention because of their high profile. IOM is partly supported by Govt, but not part of the govt, but everyone is well aware that these high level topics have high application to govt policy.

Thte IOM distinguishes the Dept of HHS as the focus of the rec’s. THat means Sebelius, number two on Planned Parenthood’s unofficial Board of Directors.

“Clinical preventive services for women.” So, what jumps to mind? Sure. Pap smears. Gonorrhea screening. Maybe the HPV vaccine. Maybe even info on how you get pregnant, in case there is anyone other than Elizabeth Smart who reaches the age of eleven without knowing where babies come from, and gets to the age of thirteen withoout realizing you can buy the condom pack at any convenience store right next to the vitamin pak, the pseudo ephedrine, and the horny goat weed.

Clinical preventive services. Just like the title sez.

But something else is a-foot.


I am a guy, so, to me, this is the chemistry equivalent of the total bachelor pad. The Bang and Olufsen turntable, the Dave Matthews, and so on.

Yay-Hoo! THe edumacated professionals are declaring that the govt should make the health insurance pay for the sex lives of anyone with health insurance, PLUS, if we can work all of this the right way, pay for the sex lives of anyone we can get declared as poor!

THE IOM declares that the govt should endorse health care coverage of “the full range of Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity.”

So, in short, we all get to pay for the carefree sex lives of the lower classes. WE all pay for the lower classes to get birth control pills, the day-after pills, and abortions.

The rub: How is the prevention of pregnancy a clinical preventive service?

How is abortion a clinical preventive service?

THis can only be the case if you hold the classist view that the poor are an irresponsible, dependent class who will sink our society unless we enable them to have irresponsible sex with no responsibilities.

Children who can get pregnant. That is our view of the lower classes.

Lower classes?


What kind of money are we talking about?

What does a condom cost? What does a month of birth control pills cost?

I would give the answers, but this is just too simple. Go look it up. Not much.

What does an abortion cost? I don’t know. But the going rate may be around $500.

If you want to play golf regularly, you pay the membership. If you want cable TV, you pay the monthly fee.

That fee is about what it costs a young adult “of reproductive capacity” to safeguard against pregnancy.

Let’s face it: if he won’t buy the condoms, or pay for the monthly birth control pills, he’s just not that into you – emotionally – while he is into you literally. What is the deal – if you ask him to pony up the $4o/month, he will dump you for the next liberated women down the block?

Apparently so.

What will we do? We can’t have these low-income people over-running us with their hungry children! First, we’ll have to feed them the next they will work teir way into our schools!

Well, we can’t just kill them off.

Or, can we?

If we make it sound like a good thing – OK, let’s try. We’ll need some buzz words. Oppression. Freedom. Choice. Future. Prevention.


But a child is not a disease.

Nope. Let’s work on this one. Prevention. Prevention.

I got it:

Clinical Prevention.

That’s it!

While we work to encourage the low-income, lower classes to oppress themselves with childlike indulgences, we will provide, in the “clinical” setting, “services” to keep them happy!

And we will wrap it in the mantel of medical care, giving it a legitimacy that cannot be attacked! If someone attacks it, they will be  – gasp – attacking health care for the needy! Genius!

And the end-game: what do we get? A dependent class, and a perpetual funding stream for our partners-in-arms, and campaign-fund reservoir, Planned Parenthood.

Now, think about it: what illness is prevented by giving out birth control pills?


This is, clinically speaking, backwards. And, what’s more, it is perverse:

First: if you depend on BC to prevent pregnancy, you will end up at high risk for a sexually transmitted disease.

Second: birth control pills elevate your risk of blood clots!

So: these “clinical preventive services” do nothing to prevent disease, and they boost your likelihood of disease.


A neat step toward the totalitarian state. Not Orwell’s view, but Huxley’s.

Entitlements to fun, and freedoms from the usual hassles of a productive, mature life.

WE upper classes are not fooled. We already know what it takes to survive, and succeed. We know it is not a life of indulgence.

But this is not about us. This is about the poor, ignorant, incapable, childish lower classes. Our cause celebre. Our bulwark. We are now entrenched.

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