If you cannot trust Obama about DUST

Well, I warned you:


I am here, fellow democrats, to let you know: 1. your party has left you, and 2. FYI everything you hear from “our” candidates in this recently initiated election season will be false. Whatever they say, especially whatever Obama says, can be verified as patently false within a couple days with this thing called “Google.”

So, our fearless leader/redeemer/saviour is on the road NOT to campaign for president – hech, he does these bus tours ALL the time! — he is JUST out on the road to gather some good ideas from anyone who is out there along the road on some good idees for perking up the economy.

Ya see, giving billions to banks to hide off-shore did not work that well. I know! I lost a couple of bar bets on that one, too.

So, in Kancarankactee, Illiniowa, a farmer asks if ridiculous over-regulation, such as OF DUST, can be lifted from the burden of the American Farmer, so he or she can just get out and harvest motor fuel.

Obama scoffs and tells the guy in so many words that it is PRESPOSTEROUS to think that the USDA wants to govern dust.


Just go call the USDA. Plain advice from us plain folks. Obama is not one of those pointy-head, out-of-touch elites, like when Bush had no idear 1. what a grocery store scanner was, and 2. what the price of a loaf of bread was, no Obama is a BROTHER.

Jes call the USDA. They will fix ya up. Thar is NO tax on DUST!

Well, tarns out, the USDA has no tax or regeelations on dust.

What was that gun-clinging, Bible-totin’ hayseed talkin bout!?

Fooo – lishnest!

Obama scoffs, then says, no, don’t believe evarthang you hears. Jes call the US of the DA.

Scoff Just like he scoffed at those CAmbridge parking tickets.

Well, what do ya know. It tarns out that Oprabama has been trying to regulate DUST.


Therefore, and wentforth, I declare agin that evarthang the president claims on the campaign trail is false.

They say the microphone takes away 15 IQ points. So to be respectful, mebbe he simply did not recall he was tryin to regulate dust. DUST.

Not the OSDA – Why in tarnotion would USDA be tryin to regeelate dust? But the E of PA. Yess. THe sames thatz tryin to regeelatre BREATH.

Oprabama says don’t believe evarthang ya hear in the intertubes. Let’s add: don’t believe a single thing you hear him claim on the campaign trail.






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