The Marxist Ideal: A Static Universe

I just posted a post wit the idea of a “static universe.”

By this, I meant a political and biological philosophy where things are expected to continue as usual, and that change indicates that something has gone wrong.

I thought that I had posted on this already, so I googled “static universe,” and “democrat.” Well, I cannot find anything yet. I may have drafts  never posted sitting on a hard drive somewhere.

Anyway, if you have this idea in mind, it helps you recognize when the marxists are trying to manipulate you by your own values.

Lamp-lighters have not been subsidized or protected, or their unions have not been allowed to reign, so their families are starving and suffering in misery.

Same with cobblers.

Things change. That is one of the basics of funadmental introductory economics, and one of the funadamentals of population biology.

Change happens.

So, it is wrong to claim that terrible things are transpiring MERELY by documenting normal change,

Climate changes. Job markets change. A population’s geographically defined habitat changes. NSEW.

When I googled, I found this book:

So, maybe I got the phrase “the static universe” from a formal or informal study of astronomy. Their use indicates that the universe is neither expanding nor contracting, and is not expected to do either. So, my use is different: the polemical rhetorical idea that the political world should be assumed to not change, and evidence of change is evidence that things are going wrongly, and that a government intervention is required to somehow address the wrong of the change.




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