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Are the Negroes Terrible?

Once you throw the idea, and some scraps of data, out there, it is not difficult to convince a good hadful of society that those Negroes are terrible, and can, in various ways, be blamed for all of our problems.

Poverty, theft, inefficient government, disease, flooding, drought, a drop in market prices, our children’s future, and so much more.

All you need to do is fit in the topic of Negroes = Bad into the current campaign, and you have won. With such an obvious opponent, who can argue?

And if those Negroes did not quite totally cause market prices to fall, or steal all of your womens, there still is that one image, and anecdote, that indicate that the Negroes are bad generally, and this badness manifests itself to varying degrees in our range of ills and problems.

This worked for a while.

It worked so well that we DEMOCRATS got addicted. Instead of dealing with real challenges, we chased after imaginary problems.

This is great because no one can adequately prove you wrong in your own internally comnsistent world of delusion. AND no one can attack your views as being unrealistic because there WAS that Negro that robbed that store, wasn’t there!!!???!!!

Well, times changed. The marxists came in and got us to change our tune. The Negroes were recognized as a population that could be shepherded for our Democrat benefit, so we quit the Negro-bashing, and began the Negro-concubining.

But that is a post for another day. Suffice to say, it is pretty clear that those Negroes have served us well as whipping boys, then as concubines.

The sad reality that is obvious today is that the “manmade global warming” is the Negro of the day.

Do you need to see global temps hurting anyone to vilify the manmade global warming? No. You just need to hear the gossip over the backyard fence, and realize that EVERYONE knows the AGW is terrible. How so terrible?

Like Sheila Jackson Lee, I will quote myself in the Third Person: “Poverty, theft, inefficient government, disease, flooding, drought, a drop in market  prices, our children’s future, and so much more.”

Now, how can you dis-prove this? If the Negro  is not raping our womens, it is only because we have not yet caught the Negro, or because the Negro can’t simply rape 24 hours a day – there will be some variability, a few sabbaticals. This is a complex system we are talkling about when we are talking about the Negro community. After all, look at their complex, exotic social rituals. Just look at their Native Dress. Yes, this is not some every day varmint rooting up your beets.

The Terrible Negro worked so well that the Civil Rights Act left us in a lurch. We should have never elected a Catholic. I told you so, and now you see why. They cannot leave well enough alone. Bobby came down to the Quad and started paying tuition. What could we say? Well, we actually tried into the 1970s. But a Wall of Us was not sufficient.

Fortunately, at that time, a Fine Rhine introduced us to the new Negro. The Manmade Climate Disaster.

We did not know how the climate change was raping our women. We did not know how the climate change was stealing our jobs. We did not know how the climate change was causing our crops to be under-valued. We did not know how the climate change was stealing away the promise for our youth. WE did not recognize how the climate warming would bring mayhem and war.

But at least we were dharp enough to figure out that we were OK to lose the Negro as the enemy, and see the enemy as the Manmade Global Warming.


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Socialist Agenda Not Working

“Twin defeats spark Democratic fears”

The Dem party reportedly threw $500,000 into the Weprin  / post-Weiner campaign.

The Bible was right, in Proverbs and elsewhere, when it warns about the downside of adultery. Those pics sent by Weiner cost a lot of money, and a congressional seat. But no one will point that out – we are the party of adulterers and non-judgers.

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Judge: If Abortion Supported, Infanticide Supported

From Canada, our progressive neighbors to the north:

Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta killed her newborn baby. Why? Basically, because it would cause her grief and trouble. Acutely, because her parents would hear it cry unless she strangled it quickly, soon after delivery in the basement of the parents’ home. If they heard it, poor Katrina would get in trouble.

A range of sentences were considered, and decided. Harsh sentences from the jury were THROWN OUT. Finally, the judge gave a mild sentence, basically a probationary period, to this murderer of a child.


In the judge’s words:

“while many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support.”

A community standard as a basis for a legal conviction penalty. Sure, that is OK in some cases. Now, a community standard of favoring the avoidance of inconvenience of the adult over the life of the child sets precedent for infanticide.

This is not a slippery slope. We have done slipped down the slope. You will get a hand slap for strangling the most vulnerable person in society. We are at the bottom of the slope. How much farther could we go? Well, I guess we could medicalize the whole affair and give it a medical diagnosis and billing code, then make taxpayers pay for it.

Either way: whether legitimized by legal precedent, or legitimized by medicalization, frank humanity has to make more and more of us liberals see how grotesque it is to ignore these situations. All of the “reproductive justice” and “oppression” arguments fit here as well as for the abortion arguments.

If we go in this direction, things will be even more “just,” and even less “oppressive:” we will allow babies to be carried farther in term so that we can more clearly determine whether support will be in place, or whether there actually is a congenital defect or not. Like a “lemon law” for a new car, we will be able to kill off the kid if we don’t want it at birth. This will all get the standard “justice” framework, the standard legal framework, and the standard medical framework.

At some point, we liberals have to see these things for the gross, disturbed policies and preferences that they are. Stories like this make us switch from pro-abortion to pro-life every day. The cool thing is that we don’t have to change our principles: we are still the watchdogs for the weaker members of society, and we are still favoring the legal mechanisms to bring about a more just world. We just have to lose our so-called friends.

The marxists among us would have to change to go pro-life. Pro-life conflicts with their essential values: organizing society from the top-down, destroying the family, and so on. This woman is a poster child for the marxists: she was living as a leach off of her parents in her adulthood, she was having casual sex outside of marriage with a partner who would not stick around, and so on. The sooner we can convert all young adults to live like Katrina, the sooner we can bring down the prevailing cultural hegemony.

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Yes, We Dems Do Get Pre-Programmed Scripts

“Join Attack Wire—and help stop the attacks on the President before they start.”

One thing that helped me wake up and see how non-sensical and hypocritical our democratic party is: all my comrades always regurgitated the same talking points when valid attacks were thrown at us.

Now that we have reformed “welfare as we know it,” we are all OK with it. Cuz it was Bill who did it. But before that, if you criticized our support for welfare as we knew it, with its negative “unintended” consequences (i.e., destroying the nuclear family), we spit out the same brain-dead responses. If someone asked how we can support killing unborn babies, we shot back with canned, stale responses. They worked for us because they were repeated so often, with passion, and we get ostracized if we start to voice anything contrary.

Well, things continue.

For this upcoming election, there will be many VALID criticisms of Obama. Rather than consider these, and use these as opportunities to figure out how we might best arrange govt in the USA, we will mindlessly fire back. But we need clear, brief retorts.

Fortunately, we will be fed these messages by email as the challenges emerge:

“When another unfounded attack surfaces, we’ll arm you with the truth so you can share the facts with your friends and family.”

So, go sign up.

This is hilarious. The recruitment email notes the birth certificate issue: “Here’s the deal: We all remember the birth certificate smear, the GOP’s barrage of lies about the Affordable Care Act, and the string of other phony attacks on President Obama that we’ve seen over the past few years.”

Ridiculous. All of my dem friends swore the prez HAD shown his birth certificate. When I countered that the doc was something else, they attacked me rather than listen to truth.

And Obama himself later vindicated me: he eventually shared – get this- exactly what I and others had been noting  – he shared a more legit version.

Yes, Obama has shared 2 birth-certificate-type documents, when we liberals were repeating the dogma that the first one WAS the birth certificate.

So, more of the same will be coming. when someone points out that health care reform makes all of us tax-payers pay into abortion coverage funds, therefore using govt power to force us to pay for abortions with tax dollars, we liberals can spew out some canned untrue response that hides our politically motivated commitment to the campaign funds fromthe abortion lobby.

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