Black President Either Way?

Well over a year ago, I noted that Sarah Pailin remained popular, and the Hilary was looking presidential as Sec of State.

So, I threw out the comment that we could have a woman-versus-woman race for the presidency.

Now, it is feasible that we could have a Black candidate versus Black candidate for the presidency.

While neither of these may emerge, it is true that both are feasible, and worth noting for the historicity as far as the demography of the presidency is concerned.

Herman Cain has been receiving a great deal of airtime. The republicans have no leading, strong candidate – each has his or her faults. But the party will have to nominate someone. Could be Cain.

Obama has a bunch of brewing troubles. Solyndra, or the birth certificate dealio, could be a time bomb. The many disenchanted constituencies also are a brewing problem. It is very plausible that Obama could step down, or be run out, and the heir apparent would be Hilary. If Obama does not run, it sure would be hard to figure out who would complete otherwise.

Many dems are beginning to think that running Obama is a sure way to lose, but an easy fix is to have him step down, if aspects of his reign “become distractions,” as they say.

But if he carries on, and Cain can overcome a few key limits,  such as being painted as part of the bad bankers by his support of TARP, he may get the nomination.

So, for one presidential election, it has been reasonable to speculate whether we might have either a female-candidate choice, or a Black-candidate choice.

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