The 99%. Who are not in Congress.

The 99%. Who are not in congress.

We have a society with a government and laws not because we are so wise or noble, but because we are human. We are always scheming, and will get away with whatever we can, given the opportunity.

Same goes for business.

What to do? Govern the fairness and ethicality of business. If I pretend to sell you a chunk of gold, and you later find out it was a spray-painted rock, what happens? Do I just laugh, and say, “Sorry, good to see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya?” No. I cheated you. Who do you turn to for fairness?

The government. Police, the courts, and so on.

There will always be someone somewhere trying an unethical, dishonest, dangerous business idea. And there ought to always be government to go to for fairness.

So, Wall Street and the greedy 1% have treated us badly. And we have no one to go to. Who has failed? Big business? Capitalism? Or the government?

The government has failed to look out for us.


Because they have sold out to the 1%. They don’t care about us.

Here in America, we have figured out that something is majorly wrong. And we are rioting in the streets. The problem is we are so dumb, we cannot figure out who to get mad at, and riot at.

It is the government. Big business, and Wall Street, are behaving as we have known them to be have, and expect them to behave, and as they have always behaved, and always will. Unless properly governed by government.

How have we failed to see this?

Well, it is easy to figure out how the republicans have failed: they are buddies with Wall Street. They see the positives: Wall Street helps businesses thrive, and that is where our jobs come from. Cool. Liberty. But there is liberty and justice, too.

How about the democrats? Where are they? Having lunch with Wall Street. You have been sold down the river. How will they keep you from figuring out you have been the chump? They won’t blame themselves. They are having the steak dinner. If they can distract you, then they can carry on.

Who to blame? “Greed.” A made-up enemy called “the one percent.”

Will we buy it?

Apparently, it has worked like a charm. The democratic legislators eat steak and swear they are for the little man.

And you believe this. You have not figured out: The 1% is Congress.

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