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The THIRD Golden Rule

Oh, we are so clever to wink tell each other the SECOND Golden Rule. Ha, ha, ha. We love telling this to the youngsters.

The real deal is the THIRD Golden Rule. Nancy Pelosi knows this, well.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

He who has the goals makes the rules. Clever.

Here is the third golden rule. If you want to understand what is going on, and develop a fari govt, you have to understand this–

He who makes the rules gets the gold.

Here, in this San Francisco news story, it is apparent that Nancy Pelosi is making money off of stock trades that are looking up because of the legislation she is about to push.

Now, for the “one percent,” we would claim that these types of deals are what cuts off the 99%. Unless it is Nancy Pelosi, because we have no sense of assessing our own party members. Rangel cannot be guilty of Ethics scams, and no democrat can be guilty of buying stocks a week before a legislative action will almost certainly cause the stock to rise or fall noticeably.

Nancy Pelosi is a saint, so these rules do not apply.

Or, we can wake up and figure out what scoundrels are doing to our own party, since we lack the drive to ponder about their faithfulness, and we are too busy calling conservatives “racist.”

This is you. You have asked for this, and you are enabling this. The country, including regular democrats, is figuring this out little by little.

The only way we will win in 2012 is with a bunch of fake ballots.

He who makes the rules gets the gold.


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