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Cognitive Cult

We theists get it thrown in our face that we are somehow dumb or brainwashed and out of our cognitive capacities, while the marxists – who laughably don’t even know who has deliberately fed them their beliefs – have the misguided idea that they are “free” from cult-like mind control.

In the ‘church’ I attend, we have all kinds of people, and all kinds of scholars. People who study, for themselves, independently, mostly entirely unknown to the church and unguided by the church, various topics: Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, ancient history, metallurgy, warfare. sociology, anthropology, and so on. Stunning.

No one is brainwashing us.

A cult has a handful of characteristic ways of keeping people involved, and believing, even when it otherwise would become apparent that the cult is nothing more than a ploy, based on some foolsih notion, to gain control over people.

We automatically think of cults as being inherently religious. Maybe, by definition, they are.

However, it is getting pretty clear that we have a new kind of cult operating around us very actively: the cognitive cult.

A cult based on ‘religion’ is basically based on two things: a world view and an ‘answer’ to some imagined or real problem.

A cult may or may not be focused on the end of the world.

A cult’s leader may or may not believe the irrational, unsubstantiated views he or she holds.

Many of the global warming true believers hang around because they have become victims of a cult. A cognitive cult, rather than a religious, or theistic, cult.

So, be careful. When you threaten a cult member’s irrational world view, they either hold you in a blank stare, spew irrational beliefs at you as if these arguments make sense,  or they jump into angry, offensive name-calling.

They do not cooly and calmly say, “you actually read the hockey stick article, adn you say their methods have holes in them – this is intersting could you tell me more?”

No. Never. They are programmed from Cult Central to hate you, define you as either evil or dumb or a cult member, and to then attack you with name-calling.

You might point out that global avg temp has not been rising for over ten years.

If y’all were deciding who to bet on for the superbowl, and you had info that someone just got on the injured list, your friend would calmly ask, ‘are you sure? where did you hear this – I had bettern re-calculate my bets.”

With the global warming: NEVER!

These people are fed what to believe. They are fed a profile of myths so that they have a ready knee-jerk answer to any observation.

This is why they keep sounding more and more brain-dead: more info keeps emerging. Their programs do not account for new info.

Robots: “big oil…big oil…carbon footprint…carbon footprint….”

It now makes sense. these global warming doomsday cult true believers have truly been subjected to brainwashing techniques. you cannot talk reason to them. they hav a response for everything, even as their responses get proven irrational, illogical, or outdated.


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