CO2 and Warming: “Cutting Edge” or “Settled?” NASA Can’t Decide

“NASA sponsors research into many areas of cutting-edge scientific inquiry, including the relationship between carbon dioxide and climate.”

What can you say. In “Raising Arizona,” there is that funny scene where the guys rob some farmers bank. They tell everyone to be still, then to get out their wallets or something. One farmer, as farmers are known to be down-to-earth and literal, notes that If’n you want us to move, we can’t be still, and if’n you want us to be still, we can’t move.

Well, NASA-payrolled climate researcher  James Hansen has spent years developing the global warming panic – and faking the global temp data so we wil be scared out of our money and freedom. finally, some handful of NASA astronauts and engineers got upset with this show, and wrote a letter to NASA, and released it publically.

Word to the wise: get on the correct side now; the wheels are about to fall off the AGW thing. If you are in some position of respectability, and have made some commitment to the AGW panic, it is time to jump ship.

In response to this independent letter, NASA made a statement: they study cutting-edge issues, such as the potential relation between CO2 and climate.

So: is the science settled? Or is it cutting edge?

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