Michael Savage: Liberalism A Cult

On the raidio yesterday apr 10 2012, radio talk show guy michael savage was on one of his free-form rants. he ended up saying that liberalism is -no, here he did not yet again say a mental disorder – but said it was a cult.


I have talked abt this cult idea with a few other ppl, and it fits. I have to bring this issue up when my wife and I may run into certain topics with family or friends – getting out of a cult takes de-programming, which takes time. People have to gradually re-orient the world view. We humans can only handle so much cognitive dissonance at once.

This has helped me understand other liberals. I beleive the truth and evidence ought to prevail over the way I might want to see the world. But librealism generally nowadays is not set up that way. It is a cult.

It has had to be a cult because it has been the surrupticious wing of the marxist advance. And you cannot in the US just come out and say “I am a Marxist.” Or socialist, although we are thankfully getting to where people are willing to admit to this to some degree, thus getting things out in the open.

You can check out my other post on cults  – up above – but one aspect that occurred to me lately is this cult phenomenon:

The cult is supposedly for some abstract, wonderful good, but is really for some tyrant, so a cult necessarily has to develop a taboo that prohibits questioning the pronouncements of the leaders.

This is the main problem with the Democratic Party: we cannot question ourselves EVAR because the marxists are using the democratic party to work their way into the bastion of capitalist cultural hegemony, and they cannot do this if exposed. So, you cannot question the democratic party.

This was clearly evident with the recent James O’Keef stunt played on Eric Holder:


Basically, O’keefe goes up on the 2012 primary day in Atty Gen Holder’s neighborhood, and asks to vote under the name of Erik Holder. Hilarity  – or revolution – ensues.

We democrats have been upset lately because the Rebuplicans have figured out how we keep winning elections when we have tiny, non-voting constituencies (we commit voter fraud).

The Republicans figured this out, and came up with a simple, reasonable solution: you need to have a photo ID to rent a video from Blockbuster or check out a library book.

Problem solved.

What have we democrats said, in response? We have decided that no, this is not a test of our system, but is just a ‘stunt’ and we should pay this no attention – ‘pay no mind to the man behind the curtain !’

My social media democrat friends roundly blogged the party line: not newsworthy and no threat to democracy.

Sad. They have no  ability to see how the voter ID idea is necessary for a decent election, because they cannot question the part line – they are cult members. They were waiting and yearning for a repsonse, and as soon as one emerged, they were quick and eager to accept it, and twiit it.

They are cult members. They have been brainwashed to believe in the TRUTH as provided, and to NEVER question the representatives of the truth.

The best way to build the democratic party would be to stay focused on the mission, and watch out for threats and problems. Like when the LaRouchers infiltrate.

But we don’t. We can only be a party of “Yes Men.”

So, we deserve what we get.



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