Christianity Itself Will Be Hate Speech; On Our Way Now

Accessed Apr 14, 2012:

“Today, the American Freedom Law Center filed its opening brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in defense of Crystal Dixon, a former human resources administrator at the University of Toledo in Ohio, who was fired in 2008 by the University for expressing her personal, Christian viewpoint on homosexuality in an op-ed published in the local newspaper.  Dixon is appealing a lower court’s dismissal of her case, which ruled that the University’s “diversity” interests outweighed her First Amendment rights.”

Karl Marx personally hated Christianity. Why? His father issues. He was rebelling. He was hating what his family liked in order to do that adolescent thing where you define yourself by hating what your family likes, and liking what your family hates.

Like a great comedian, he took his mixed-up personal life and personality quirks, and turned them into a fortune. He built up a political philosophy based on hating the handful of things that hold our society together. For him, in his times, that was the nukelar family, commerce, and religion.

You can either be a normal, American, Constitution-loving democrat, or you can join these Marxists. Everything we hear from “progressivism” is aimed at these three enemies.

This has taken a long time. But the Marxists, I mean us, the democratic party, has gotten into great position on extinguishing Christianity. Never mind that, as we do, we are fulfilling bible prophecy.

This is where “hate speech” has sprung up as an issue, and a legal tool.

In this case, a teacher got fired for adding her opinion to a public discussion – while not on her job.

Here is where we are going. You heard it here first. Actually, it has been stated long ago, but I am just high-lighting the “progress” on this idea.

The goal is a two-step: go to ALL Christian institutions, and QUALIFY them: “do you believe homosexuality is wrong?”

How? Maybe to meet IRS requirements, maybe to be able to hold property title.

If the representative of the church, the pastor and or board or whomever is in charge, will answer “yes.”

That is Step One.

Step Two is to pull the church’s legal status because of their hate speech.


Will they ‘qualify’ mosques? No. Will they qualify Buddist temples? No. We progressives have rabidly been brainwashed to see Christianity as the evil. This is a matter of history and tradition. It is also a blind spot.

It is far easier to find clear hate, with prompts for action, in other religions. But we have been brainwashed to hate Christianity so fiercely that we are going after the churches.

Also, we will ‘qualify’ religious orgs, if they are Christian, for being involved in charitable efforts, and so on.

We will ‘qualify’ individuals for emplyment in public office.

We will disguise the whole thing with a handful of oher questions to make it less obvious that Christianity is the target. This is the same approach as the “bullying” effort – that is the same thing, aimed at kids in the institution where we already have control, the public schools.

Plus, we will require home-schoolers to ‘qualify’ by asking if there will be faith-based education or materials, or if the Bible will be used for reading lessons.

So, get ready. Do you think this case is the end of the line? Has anyone said anything about “hate” ending if only we can legislate just one more thing?

No – the “hate” effort is barely beginning to roll.

This school teacher’s case shows you where we are going.


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