2012 Atlantic Hurricane Predictions Imminent

2012 Atlantic Hurricane Predictions Imminent

Each May, the NOAA makes their forecast of that year’s hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through Novrmber 30. In the recent few years, they have made well-publicized dire apocalyptic predictions, seeing as how they are part of the Manmade Global Warming Scam Machine (i.e., part of govt). They will predict number of tropical storms, number of hurricanes, and number of major hurricanes.

This makes for great sport. As the season progresses, you get to see their totalitarian dreams get spanked by reality, in the form of Mother Nature.

The global warming panic meisters claim to be quite attuned to Mother Nature, but when she does not comply, they are not attuned but turn a deaf ear. They do publish updates as the season progresses, but these carry much less fanfare and hurrah.

And, they NEVER note that weather MODELS were just plain wrong.

Here is the offical place where their predictions for 2012 will be posted, in the next few days:


They have been spanked so bad in the recent few years that they will most likely go easy this year. The other orgs that also predict each Atlantic hurricane season have noted that this will LIKELY be a relatively calm season. this is so likely that NOAA cannot even claim disaster in advance so as to panic everyone and influence us to give Al Gore the keys, with asteriscs and updates tempering the panic later in the season.

A leading “problem” is that the Atlantic is jut a lot COOLER then usual.

What? COOLER? Is not the GLOBAL WARMING PANIC and the FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY, with their POISON GAS CO2 supposed to be HEATING the world’s oceans?!!??!!??

Well, yes. But just like global land temps, sea temps have simply not been complying. They are not at any Tipper Point whatsoever.

Here is where to look at the Atlantic sea surface temperatures in order to see the hot water that produces the hurricanes-


You are welcome.

What to look at is the path from OK how do I make this easy: from the most western point of the continent of Africa toward Hispanola. These hot air masses come from east to west across Africa, then stumble on out across the Atlantic, and pick up water vapor. The more warm the water, the more readily it gets pulled up out of the Atlantic into the clouds. This is what spawns Atlantic hurricanes.

Currently, you should see a lot of green: that is water that s ‘below average’ temp – leading to less-drastic hurricane likelihood. Yellow to red is warmer than usual – suggesting potential for more hurricanes, and more intense hurricanes.

Keep clicking that website to follow the Atlantic Hurricane Season as the summer progresses. When a tropical storm does form, you will see a relative cool ‘wake’ as it passes – this reduces the likelihood or power for another tropical storm soon after, until the water mixes a bit.

This is truth, and evidence. They (the marxists) will throw PANIC and apocalypse upon you, but if you keep your head cool, you will be able to separate Karl Marx’s fantasy from reality.

There are many ways to watch the apocalyptic revolutionaries get spanked by Mother Nature. Following the Atlantic Hurricane Season is a great one. It has been so obvious that I don’t think they will even try to get by with the strategy of throwing out a disaster-scenario forecast to be mellowed later. I think that people like me, many websites, and the other prediction houses, have seen that this one gets a lot of attention, and to claim PANIC!! will simply add to the Boy-Cried-Wolf phenomenon.

I will try to post a lot more on watching the Atlantic hurricane season. There are a handful of websites that are very helpful. Helpful in helping you figure out that “WE” are not simply well-intentioned “liberals,” but that “we” are elitist totalitarians and marxists, and are trying to get control over EVERYONE in any way we can, including health care, parenting, energy consumption, and so on.

The weather is not complying with their fantasies. They are getting more desperate as days move along, and the dire predictions, such as hurricane “climate change” emerge to be carrying on at quite normal rates, PROVING them wrong.

Atlantic hurricanes are not getting more wild and extreme.

You can plot the trends from the data HERE


Years 2004 and 2005 really played into their hands, as the variation in the arctic ice cap did for  couple years – before reversing and dispelling the PANIC for those of us who have not yet drunk the Kool-Aid.

I predict you will see how true it is in this calm Atlantic hurricane season.





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