Walker Wisconsin Recall: Wake-Up Call for Democrats

We democrats naturally ought to be concerned for the plight of the working man when outmatch by the corporation. So, we got hijacked and taken advantage of. By the communist organizers and rabble-rousers.

We have a natural sense of fairness in life, enterprise, and the public square. A full-time employee ought to get a bathroom break somewhere along the line. You ought to have a clear employment agreement – a clear contract. No big deal.

So, we got hijacked. Big time. The commuist organizers have “democracy” and “worker” and “organaize” as some of their favorite words, making them salivate at the thought of grabbing hold of and tasting that much power.

We would not, in the long run, damn ourselves or shoot ourselves in the foot. At least not intentionally. But the communists want to do exactly that.

In Wisconsin, the “democrats” have been called on their game. The unions were busted. Since the marxism rests on such ephemeral lifelines as government employees and conscripted union dues, this was an issue requiring a fangs-bared fight, just like the battle to get Komen matched back up with Planned Parenthood.

People pissing in the Wisconsin capital, and otherwise behaving not as Americans but as marxists, revealed the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Enough regular, Constitution-believing Americans saw that flash of teeth.

Walker will prevail. He will not be recalled.

This will be a wake-up call for the American Democrats who might be remaining in the part, if any, anywhere. The Democratic Party must develop a core set of values and work from there. Unionizing government employees is just a scam. A shakedown.

If government control of everything, rather than free market enterprise, then why are there way more union members of geronmental rather than private work places? People, wake up. It is not plain old American “democracy.” It is the marxism.

We can hear the wake-up call and respond, or we can deny the wake-up call, and carry on with the marxists. We will be pushing ourlselves off the cliff, and into irrelevance. Rank and file average working Americans are not fooled.


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