PP Money Funny Business Again, in Illinois

Yet another Planned Parenthood location has gotten in trouble for fraudulent billing of the government. As I have noted in past blogs, this is actually the way that abortion is used to sustain the money-laundering cycle for pro-choice Democrats.


Andrew Wang: Headline: “Medicaid probes Planned Parenthood fees”

“Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Carole Brite denies any wrongdoing, calling the inquiry a “routine review.” She says the organization will have to repay the state, but she declines to say how much.”

Read the story, if it is still online. Plenty of amusing stuff, like that line. If you did nothuing wrong, then what do you have to pay back?

They will get treated easy. Planned Parenthood has been swallowing up Mom and Pop abortion businesses, and so PP has been performing an increasing portion of U.S. abortions, while overall abortions have been declining. You don’t see any Democrats advocating for the development of more business b y favoring the Mom-And-Pop Baby-Chop-Shop. PP and the democratic party have a money-laundering deal.

PP delivers government-funded services, and collects the money. The money slips over to PP political action funds and other places. The money then goes into the campaign coffers.

Each Planned Parenthood has the opportunity to shoot money here and there, and the national organization gets to do what it wants to do. So, it can be tough to figure out where money is going. For Planned Parenthood’s fight against the Mississippi Personhood Amerndment, many local PPS from around the country sent money to support any of a few groups battling the personhood effort.

Later, national PP made a statement claiming Mississippians defeated the initiative. To what degree was this true? Sure, there was some Mississippian effort. However, at the same time, PP formed the front group they praised, and sent a same-sex advocate preacher from Oregon to pretend he was a local clergyman supporting the fight against personhood.




This shows you that PP organizes things across local chapters, and wants to make this activity go undetected.

They fund political campaigns and some of this shows up on “opensecrets.”

Where does the money come from? In the other locations where the fraud has been detected, it works like this: PP gets some discount rate on some item, usually birth control pills. They prescribe them for low-cost to some woman. They bill Medicaid for full price. They pocket the difference. This is what the story is in LA. This may have been the story in SF. This may have been the story in El Paso, where some stink was beginning to be detected in a local paper, then the PP decided to simply disappear.


“Closed because of financial issues.”

If it were a crooked accountant, they would kick the bum out.





Those stories progress to sound like a handful of leaders knew what was going on. The national org may have come by and advised them to shutter. Rather than risk exposing the money-laundering machine working: elected officals keep PP in favor and keep shoveling money to them, and in turn PP shovels money toward the re-election fund.

This is why we Democrats are so committed to abortion: campaign funds. Easy money. Millions. Ted Kennedy and the Reverend Jesse JAckson (senior) were both pro-life until the smell of abortion money came wafting by.

Besides abortion, there is nothing that PP does that is unique. You can buy over-the-counter STD tests, for Goodness’ sake. you can do your own “clinical breast exam.” Any doc can Rx birth control pills. Many Ob/gyns can do the more advanced procedures, such as IUDs.

The two unique aspects of PP is that they are a large, organized provider of abortion as well as other services, and they are heavily politically active. Otherwise, there is nothing unique or unreplaceable about them.

That is why they are scared, and have to ramp up the rhetoric about abortion rights, once cornered and forces to mention the A word.

Now, Illinois is the latest PP to be caught carrying out this funny money scam.

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