Planned Parent Fraud Again: Iowa

“Planned Parenthood hit with $5.5 billion fraud suit;

Clinic manager turns whistle blower, claims massive Medicaid scam.”

THis story just emerged on WND today, but has the exact, unoriginal scam I blogged about yesterday. Leadingly, getting a month of birth control pills for $3, then charging Medicaid fll rate, at $25.

On top of that, the whistleblower alleges that the practice style was to prescribe birth control pills to a woman and send her a year of pills in a shoot first ask questions later – so some of tese got returned in the mail – and so were set back in the inventory, provide ot the next woman, with bill yet again submitted to Medicaid.

We liberals value the whistleblower against the big guy. We want the justice system to emppower us little-guy whistleblowers against large corporation big business campaign donors.

Here, we make an exception. Why? first, because we no longer have “values.” We have the marxism. If we had values, our position on this would be clear and immediate.

Second, because those billions of dollars went into political activism and campaign war chests.

In this cam, there was an easier way to funnel money from clinical services into campaign funds. Women were asked to defray the subsidized care. Instead of using that money for cliinical service delivery, that money was a donation, and was free to be deposited wherever the Planned Parenthood staff decided. They thus could set aside a $20 donation from each of the day’s clients and at the end of the day perhaps have a couple hundred to put in their political advocacy fund.

that political advocacy funding pays for astroturf to show up at protests. Any PP protest group is a mix of paid ‘supporters, a few true advocates, and whatever PP staff can be diverted from clinics to the day’s protests.


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