We have Afghanistan!

Victory! We have Afghanistan!

We are not sure if the Afghanis are white or whether they belong to that dependent-class of people we secretly label as “darkies,” but either way, we are sure they are barbarians, and so we have had our sights on them for some time. Just as we have been eye-balling the entire darkie world for centuries, but seriously from the top-down since we reconstructed Japan. We simply cannot have these barbarians over-crowding our planet. Puu – leeze go read the Population Bomb, the favorite book of our science Czar, John Holdren.

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“Statistics.” Not people. Statistics. The religious may be reminded that the only circumstance for conducting a census is if God asks you to do it.

We have completed the first census in Afghanistan.

This is a milestone. But don’t just take my word for  it.


Date: 30/05/2012


I am sure the Afghanis came out of their war with Russia, then moved on to radical Islam control, and all the while had a burning passion to start studying the average  number of children each woman has had. Few things were closer to the top of the political agenda of the Afghanistan government than to go out ot the world, seek out the population control experts, bring them in, and get their view on things, such as whether their families were having too many children.

Thank God for the International Planned Parenthood Federation! As soon as the Afghanis decided the BEST move for their future would be to get their women prodicing fewer children, as a nationwide effort, they put a few search terms in Google and IPPF came up.

What could their searches have been? What did they Ask Jeeves? Dear Jeeves, if we want to survive and thrive with so many challenges and enemies, should we encourage our families to have the same number of kids as they have been having, to have more, or to have fewer?

Dear Jeeves, while we are a religious fundamentalist country, should we invite radical abortion extremists to develop leadership goals for us, or not?

Jeeves always comes up with the best answer. “You should strive for reproduction rates at simple repleacement levels. No need to burden the wealthy developped world nations as they strive to provide health, address “disability,” and move you from mud-floored huts.”

So, IPPF it is.

I am posting this to note that we witnessing an elitist totalitarian liberal plot be played out, pro forma, right before our eyes. This time, we can witness it. From  the 1940s reconstruction of Japan and through Africa and Central America and Asia, the pattern has played out in nearly every Darkie country.

Hear me now, believe me later.

Colonialism 2.0.

In Colonialism 1.0, we sailed in and subjugated the population to contribute to our economic endeavors. We liberals know this well. The East India Tea Company. United Fruit Company.

One country we never got holt of was Afghanistan. wild and woolly Afghanistan. But now, 2012, we finally have them.

We bought off politicians or we simply fought with weapons. We took over society to extract wealth to the detriment of sovereignty and human rights.

Now, Colonialism 2.0. This looks different. We get them subjugated by two routes. First, we offer them loans that supposedly are for their economic development and independence. When all is said and done, they will either be in debt to us, or the upper class, the one percent, will be living well while the majority live sad lives serving foregin companies. And liking it.

The Japanese companies have their employees arrive super-early and perform Tai-Chi together. They then earn modest pay to have a staggering high-quality global output. They reproduce at replacement-only levels. Well-played, MacArthur.

The second route is government-led population control. You can believe it was a fad, or the zeitgeist, if you like, but the truth is that all of these countries ALL OF A SUDDEN had population control interests and had demographic departments in their govts IF and only if they had Western influence. We showed up and informed them that they are barbarians, are all Mowgli, but could be like the fire-bearing white man if only they could get their populations in check.

All of a sudden, these countries ON THEIR OWN start carrying out censuses , and monitoring “fertility.” Not fecundity. Fertility. Coincidentally, just like the way someone ALWAYS ends up murdered right after that Murder She Wrote women shows up for a visit, the interest in popluation control begins when UNFPA, Ford Foundation, and International Planned Parenthood Federation show up.

There is a management saying that you cannot manange what you cannot measure. I think Einsten said it. Or Lincoln. Or Dalia Lama. Or Yogi Berra. The way we get the local darkies to start controlling their reproduction, lest we have even more child-like hapless darkies to support, is to get them to buy into the idea that economic success is partly a matter of them not reporoducing. And we tie this to the availability of international loan money. And we buy off te governmnet offiicials. Done.

We are carrying this out in Afghanistan right now. We have – er excuse me  – the Afghanis have completed “their” first census.


This was NOT, I repeat, this was NOT engineered by the UNFPA. Just think of the UNFPA as a news service, just putting out a dispatch from this foreign post.

Seeing this, I am sure the International Planned Parenthood Foundation is salivating – and by “salivating,” I mean ready to selflessly help out.

So, I check the Google.


Wow! How awesome! Afghanistan has had some sort of entity, but now they have been fostered by IPPF! And “their” website looks exactly like all of the PP websites!

So, we now have Afghanistan. What you are about to see is a supposedly native interest in abortion, and in each Afghani individual, and in local governments, a sudden interest in having only 2 children per family. What a coincidence! Now, we will see Afghani family dynamics change drastically, and we will see a sudden interest from local women in getting their “abortion rights.”

So, don’t worry too much about Afghanistan as a threat to world peace. They will be population-starved soon enough.

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