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Canadian Docs: Human Upon Delivery

News story credited to Pat Rich on August 16, 2012. He or she was reporting on a recent meeting of delegates of the Canadian Medical Association. Up there, strong beer is favored. As is the Canadian Rag Weed. And aborting babies. Well, amongst other actions, the CMA holds a vote to declare support for the idea, first espoused by Dr. Seuss, in “Horton Hears a Hoo,” that “A person is a person, no matter how small.”

We liberals LOVE that. An illegal immigrant deserves dignity, despite being so small, politically. A man trapped in a woman’s body who is a woman trapped in a man’s body who is attracted to men who are attracted to women…that person is a person, no matter how small, demographically.

Oh, you were thinking of physical size? Sorry. You were mislead. Dr. Seuss was yet another socialist. What? They never told you? Van Jones, Gloria Steinam, Bob Dylan, Noam Chomsky, they never told you?

Why not? Why is there a taboo against mentioning someone’s party affiliation or political leanings when they are marxist?

Well, back to the story.

The Canadian Medical Association met this week, mid-August 2012, and endorsed a resolution that says, well, I will let you simply hear tihs in their words, lest I be accused of hyperbole and over-interpretation:

“Delegates also dealt briefly (and somewhat indirectly) with the contentious issue of abortion by passing a resolution supporting the current wording of the Criminal Code which states that a child “becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother…”

Do I need to interpret? That kicking, thumb-sucking thing gestating to ten months is NOT a human. What is it? The Canadian doctors do not know. If you know, send them an update, and some CME. But they at least are SURE, up to one minute before delivery, it is NOT a human.

Do not be mistaken. It is…well, maybe a political prisoner, a blob of flesh, a tumor, a punishment, a fetus, a potential life, but biologically make no mistake: the leading physicians of the canadian rag weed are sure it is not human.

We cannot have the death penalty cuz what if we were wrong, and injustly ended a life?

What if a potential life/punishment/blob of cells/tumor WAS human at five minutes before delivery? Is there a grey area, as there is with death penalty? Nope. Let’s vote on this resolution, while we have quorum and most are on vacation, and settle this once and for all.

Sick. Nauseating.

Reminds me of this: classic: Boxer and Santorum. If you do not yet know the thief, watch this:

Oct 20, 1999:

“Do you agree that once that child is born, that once that child is separated from the body of the mother, that that child is protected by the Constitution, and cannot be killed?”

Folks, there is only one answer here. and Barbara Boxer does not give it.

Boxer caught off guard. @.45 sec to

“I think that when you bring your baby home, I think that when your baby is born” it is human and gets rights, and protection, of the Constitution.”

Good for business.






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