We Liberals are Totalitarians: An Example From Daily News


Mayor Menino on Chick-fil-A: Stuff it

Vows to block eatery over anti-gay attitude. By Greg Turner  Friday, July 20, 2012

 “Mayor Thomas M. Menino is vowing to block Chick-fil-A from bringing its Southern-fried fast-food empire to Boston — possibly to a popular tourist spot just steps from the Freedom Trail — after the family-owned firm’s president suggested gay marriage is “inviting God’s judgment on our nation.”   “Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong in Boston. You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion,” Menino told the Herald yesterday.   “That’s the Freedom Trail. That’s where it all started right here. And we’re not going to have a company, Chick-fil-A or whatever the hell the name is, on our Freedom Trail.”

“Chick-fil-A has been swept up in a growing national controversy over company president Dan Cathy’s remarks questioning gay marriage and lauding the traditional family.   Chick-fil-A did not respond to multiple requests for comment. But the company released a statement yesterday saying it has a history of applying “biblically-based principles” to managing its business, such as closing on Sundays, and it insisted it does not discriminate.

“It doesn’t send the right message to the country,” Menino said. “We’re a leader when it comes to social justice and opportunities for all.”

If you are a liberal, my little lesson here, overly simplistic, will likely not sink in. Why? Because you are in a cult, and part of maintaining a cult is the development in your minions of reflexive ways of fending of reasonable, obvious, but contrary information.

If you are breaking from the cult, or not quite firmly indoctrinated, maybe this post will help put a crack in the cult edifince being built in your mind by the marxists. Here it is:

Where is the discrimination?


Review the article. An editor at Boston Herald did. After some journalism grad did.

Now, your turn. Where is the discrimination?

If I walked in to a Chik-Fil-A, and told them I was a same-sex advocate and an engager of same-sex private activity, would they sell me a waffle fry?


I have to add to the scenario: And I pay the face price, in U.S. currency.

Yes. I will get  my waffle fry. I walked in, ordered, and paid.

Did you catch that? No?

The guy who runs the company is a plain, normal, Bible-believing Christian. As such, Karl Marx hates him, and so do you. Why? You don’t quite know why you and all of your Democrat friends talk so badly about Christians when you get together. In fact, you guys are obsessed with talking bad about Christians. be honest. I know. I have been in those conversations, possibly with you, specifically.

We exempt our family members, and those of our friends. Oh, my parents are not the Christians we democrats are talking bad about. My parents, or my buddy’s parents, are decent people. They are not quite hard core.

Yes they are, They are just wiser than you, and they are more patient.

The Chik-Fil-A guy is not “discriminating.” He does not “hate” anybody.

If he does, he knows he is doing this in contradiction of his religious beliefs.

You are the hater. you discriminate. Have you avoided Chik-Fil-A due to the owner’s religious views?

Has Mayor Menino banned Samuel Adams beer, due to Sam Adams’ strong Christian beliefs?



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We have Afghanistan!

Victory! We have Afghanistan!

We are not sure if the Afghanis are white or whether they belong to that dependent-class of people we secretly label as “darkies,” but either way, we are sure they are barbarians, and so we have had our sights on them for some time. Just as we have been eye-balling the entire darkie world for centuries, but seriously from the top-down since we reconstructed Japan. We simply cannot have these barbarians over-crowding our planet. Puu – leeze go read the Population Bomb, the favorite book of our science Czar, John Holdren.

Here is the link:


“Statistics.” Not people. Statistics. The religious may be reminded that the only circumstance for conducting a census is if God asks you to do it.

We have completed the first census in Afghanistan.

This is a milestone. But don’t just take my word for  it.


Date: 30/05/2012


I am sure the Afghanis came out of their war with Russia, then moved on to radical Islam control, and all the while had a burning passion to start studying the average  number of children each woman has had. Few things were closer to the top of the political agenda of the Afghanistan government than to go out ot the world, seek out the population control experts, bring them in, and get their view on things, such as whether their families were having too many children.

Thank God for the International Planned Parenthood Federation! As soon as the Afghanis decided the BEST move for their future would be to get their women prodicing fewer children, as a nationwide effort, they put a few search terms in Google and IPPF came up.

What could their searches have been? What did they Ask Jeeves? Dear Jeeves, if we want to survive and thrive with so many challenges and enemies, should we encourage our families to have the same number of kids as they have been having, to have more, or to have fewer?

Dear Jeeves, while we are a religious fundamentalist country, should we invite radical abortion extremists to develop leadership goals for us, or not?

Jeeves always comes up with the best answer. “You should strive for reproduction rates at simple repleacement levels. No need to burden the wealthy developped world nations as they strive to provide health, address “disability,” and move you from mud-floored huts.”

So, IPPF it is.

I am posting this to note that we witnessing an elitist totalitarian liberal plot be played out, pro forma, right before our eyes. This time, we can witness it. From  the 1940s reconstruction of Japan and through Africa and Central America and Asia, the pattern has played out in nearly every Darkie country.

Hear me now, believe me later.

Colonialism 2.0.

In Colonialism 1.0, we sailed in and subjugated the population to contribute to our economic endeavors. We liberals know this well. The East India Tea Company. United Fruit Company.

One country we never got holt of was Afghanistan. wild and woolly Afghanistan. But now, 2012, we finally have them.

We bought off politicians or we simply fought with weapons. We took over society to extract wealth to the detriment of sovereignty and human rights.

Now, Colonialism 2.0. This looks different. We get them subjugated by two routes. First, we offer them loans that supposedly are for their economic development and independence. When all is said and done, they will either be in debt to us, or the upper class, the one percent, will be living well while the majority live sad lives serving foregin companies. And liking it.

The Japanese companies have their employees arrive super-early and perform Tai-Chi together. They then earn modest pay to have a staggering high-quality global output. They reproduce at replacement-only levels. Well-played, MacArthur.

The second route is government-led population control. You can believe it was a fad, or the zeitgeist, if you like, but the truth is that all of these countries ALL OF A SUDDEN had population control interests and had demographic departments in their govts IF and only if they had Western influence. We showed up and informed them that they are barbarians, are all Mowgli, but could be like the fire-bearing white man if only they could get their populations in check.

All of a sudden, these countries ON THEIR OWN start carrying out censuses , and monitoring “fertility.” Not fecundity. Fertility. Coincidentally, just like the way someone ALWAYS ends up murdered right after that Murder She Wrote women shows up for a visit, the interest in popluation control begins when UNFPA, Ford Foundation, and International Planned Parenthood Federation show up.

There is a management saying that you cannot manange what you cannot measure. I think Einsten said it. Or Lincoln. Or Dalia Lama. Or Yogi Berra. The way we get the local darkies to start controlling their reproduction, lest we have even more child-like hapless darkies to support, is to get them to buy into the idea that economic success is partly a matter of them not reporoducing. And we tie this to the availability of international loan money. And we buy off te governmnet offiicials. Done.

We are carrying this out in Afghanistan right now. We have – er excuse me  – the Afghanis have completed “their” first census.


This was NOT, I repeat, this was NOT engineered by the UNFPA. Just think of the UNFPA as a news service, just putting out a dispatch from this foreign post.

Seeing this, I am sure the International Planned Parenthood Foundation is salivating – and by “salivating,” I mean ready to selflessly help out.

So, I check the Google.


Wow! How awesome! Afghanistan has had some sort of entity, but now they have been fostered by IPPF! And “their” website looks exactly like all of the PP websites!

So, we now have Afghanistan. What you are about to see is a supposedly native interest in abortion, and in each Afghani individual, and in local governments, a sudden interest in having only 2 children per family. What a coincidence! Now, we will see Afghani family dynamics change drastically, and we will see a sudden interest from local women in getting their “abortion rights.”

So, don’t worry too much about Afghanistan as a threat to world peace. They will be population-starved soon enough.

More links of interest –






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Planned Parent Fraud Again: Iowa


“Planned Parenthood hit with $5.5 billion fraud suit;

Clinic manager turns whistle blower, claims massive Medicaid scam.”

THis story just emerged on WND today, but has the exact, unoriginal scam I blogged about yesterday. Leadingly, getting a month of birth control pills for $3, then charging Medicaid fll rate, at $25.

On top of that, the whistleblower alleges that the practice style was to prescribe birth control pills to a woman and send her a year of pills in a shoot first ask questions later – so some of tese got returned in the mail – and so were set back in the inventory, provide ot the next woman, with bill yet again submitted to Medicaid.

We liberals value the whistleblower against the big guy. We want the justice system to emppower us little-guy whistleblowers against large corporation big business campaign donors.

Here, we make an exception. Why? first, because we no longer have “values.” We have the marxism. If we had values, our position on this would be clear and immediate.

Second, because those billions of dollars went into political activism and campaign war chests.

In this cam, there was an easier way to funnel money from clinical services into campaign funds. Women were asked to defray the subsidized care. Instead of using that money for cliinical service delivery, that money was a donation, and was free to be deposited wherever the Planned Parenthood staff decided. They thus could set aside a $20 donation from each of the day’s clients and at the end of the day perhaps have a couple hundred to put in their political advocacy fund.

that political advocacy funding pays for astroturf to show up at protests. Any PP protest group is a mix of paid ‘supporters, a few true advocates, and whatever PP staff can be diverted from clinics to the day’s protests.



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PP Money Funny Business Again, in Illinois

Yet another Planned Parenthood location has gotten in trouble for fraudulent billing of the government. As I have noted in past blogs, this is actually the way that abortion is used to sustain the money-laundering cycle for pro-choice Democrats.


Andrew Wang: Headline: “Medicaid probes Planned Parenthood fees”

“Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Carole Brite denies any wrongdoing, calling the inquiry a “routine review.” She says the organization will have to repay the state, but she declines to say how much.”

Read the story, if it is still online. Plenty of amusing stuff, like that line. If you did nothuing wrong, then what do you have to pay back?

They will get treated easy. Planned Parenthood has been swallowing up Mom and Pop abortion businesses, and so PP has been performing an increasing portion of U.S. abortions, while overall abortions have been declining. You don’t see any Democrats advocating for the development of more business b y favoring the Mom-And-Pop Baby-Chop-Shop. PP and the democratic party have a money-laundering deal.

PP delivers government-funded services, and collects the money. The money slips over to PP political action funds and other places. The money then goes into the campaign coffers.

Each Planned Parenthood has the opportunity to shoot money here and there, and the national organization gets to do what it wants to do. So, it can be tough to figure out where money is going. For Planned Parenthood’s fight against the Mississippi Personhood Amerndment, many local PPS from around the country sent money to support any of a few groups battling the personhood effort.

Later, national PP made a statement claiming Mississippians defeated the initiative. To what degree was this true? Sure, there was some Mississippian effort. However, at the same time, PP formed the front group they praised, and sent a same-sex advocate preacher from Oregon to pretend he was a local clergyman supporting the fight against personhood.




This shows you that PP organizes things across local chapters, and wants to make this activity go undetected.

They fund political campaigns and some of this shows up on “opensecrets.”

Where does the money come from? In the other locations where the fraud has been detected, it works like this: PP gets some discount rate on some item, usually birth control pills. They prescribe them for low-cost to some woman. They bill Medicaid for full price. They pocket the difference. This is what the story is in LA. This may have been the story in SF. This may have been the story in El Paso, where some stink was beginning to be detected in a local paper, then the PP decided to simply disappear.


“Closed because of financial issues.”

If it were a crooked accountant, they would kick the bum out.





Those stories progress to sound like a handful of leaders knew what was going on. The national org may have come by and advised them to shutter. Rather than risk exposing the money-laundering machine working: elected officals keep PP in favor and keep shoveling money to them, and in turn PP shovels money toward the re-election fund.

This is why we Democrats are so committed to abortion: campaign funds. Easy money. Millions. Ted Kennedy and the Reverend Jesse JAckson (senior) were both pro-life until the smell of abortion money came wafting by.

Besides abortion, there is nothing that PP does that is unique. You can buy over-the-counter STD tests, for Goodness’ sake. you can do your own “clinical breast exam.” Any doc can Rx birth control pills. Many Ob/gyns can do the more advanced procedures, such as IUDs.

The two unique aspects of PP is that they are a large, organized provider of abortion as well as other services, and they are heavily politically active. Otherwise, there is nothing unique or unreplaceable about them.

That is why they are scared, and have to ramp up the rhetoric about abortion rights, once cornered and forces to mention the A word.

Now, Illinois is the latest PP to be caught carrying out this funny money scam.

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Wrong call, Obama.


June 26, 2012 headline: “Obama warns on healthcare ruling”

Today is June 26, and the Supreme Court may reveal their ruling on Health Care Reform bill on THursday Jun 28.

Story by Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington   “Barack Obama suggested that any decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn his landmark healthcare law would send the country ‘backwards’ and that Americans did not want to “re-fight” the battle over healthcare.   It was the first sign that beyond the White House’s staunch defence of the Affordable Care Act Mr Obama is prepared to use the law as a rallying cry on the campaign trail. It is a risky strategy: about half the country remains opposed to the legislation, although most voters like the consumer protections that are guaranteed under the law.”

1. Obama looks scared. Damage control before Thursday.

2. Obama is gonna lose points if Healthcare Reform gets struck down, and he goes on the warpath in an attempt to make himself look good – like he represents the will of the people, and is fighting for us in front of the Supreme Court.

Because if Healthcare Reform, or at least the individual mandate, is struck down, the economy is going to jump. Employers will be free from a good degree of uncertainty in their expenses, and will go ahead and hire, or expand, or order, and so on.

So Obama will be running around the coutry ranting against the Supreme Court, while most of us don’t even like the law, and the economy is finally popping.

Man, Romney sure looks out of touch, but Obama really will look out of touch if the scenario runs like this.

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Holocaust – Open Season?


“LA Jewish Federation Cancels Event Citing Muslim Threats”

The Holocaust is, as Hilter is, often brought in as example of how extremely bad things can get if “justice” or whatever is not performed promptly, according to someone’s opinion.

Like someone comparing the Gay Rights effort to the effort to gain civil rights for African-Americans, this analogy often provokes a negative reaction from someone claiming to personally hold the legacy of the Holocaust. Off limits.

Well, after following this story, it seems like the holders of the Holocaust legacy seem to be giving up on the “Never Forget.”

They go to have a talk about some global Jew-hating efforts, then cancel becausde they fear the practice of free speech might be the cause of more rioting and assault, Middle-East style.

Bad call.


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Walker Wisconsin Recall: Wake-Up Call for Democrats

We democrats naturally ought to be concerned for the plight of the working man when outmatch by the corporation. So, we got hijacked and taken advantage of. By the communist organizers and rabble-rousers.

We have a natural sense of fairness in life, enterprise, and the public square. A full-time employee ought to get a bathroom break somewhere along the line. You ought to have a clear employment agreement – a clear contract. No big deal.

So, we got hijacked. Big time. The commuist organizers have “democracy” and “worker” and “organaize” as some of their favorite words, making them salivate at the thought of grabbing hold of and tasting that much power.

We would not, in the long run, damn ourselves or shoot ourselves in the foot. At least not intentionally. But the communists want to do exactly that.

In Wisconsin, the “democrats” have been called on their game. The unions were busted. Since the marxism rests on such ephemeral lifelines as government employees and conscripted union dues, this was an issue requiring a fangs-bared fight, just like the battle to get Komen matched back up with Planned Parenthood.

People pissing in the Wisconsin capital, and otherwise behaving not as Americans but as marxists, revealed the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Enough regular, Constitution-believing Americans saw that flash of teeth.

Walker will prevail. He will not be recalled.

This will be a wake-up call for the American Democrats who might be remaining in the part, if any, anywhere. The Democratic Party must develop a core set of values and work from there. Unionizing government employees is just a scam. A shakedown.

If government control of everything, rather than free market enterprise, then why are there way more union members of geronmental rather than private work places? People, wake up. It is not plain old American “democracy.” It is the marxism.

We can hear the wake-up call and respond, or we can deny the wake-up call, and carry on with the marxists. We will be pushing ourlselves off the cliff, and into irrelevance. Rank and file average working Americans are not fooled.

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