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Missed The Point: He’s PAID to Campaign for Obama

Missed The Point: He’s PAID to Campaign for Obama

Upon the precipice of the election, this story pops up:

“Obama canvasser charged with groping Loveland woman’s breasts”


” ‘The female reported an adult male knocked on her door, identified himself as a member of the Obama political campaign and asked to speak with her about her voting status,’ Loveland police said in a statement Thursday afternoon. ‘The victim reportedly spoke with the male for a short time and he then asked if he could give her a campaign sticker. The victim accepted and the male allegedly grabbed her breasts while applying the sticker to her shirt.’

” Colorado Democratic Party spokeswoman Matt Inzeo said Buchanan was not employed by the campaign, but by the state party. ‘We have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. As soon as we learned about this incident, we took immediate action, and the person in question has been terminated,’ Inzeo stated.”

People, wke up. The issue is not whether hte man gropeded the woman’s breasts or not. A big he said-she-said. If she is a conservative, it would really be advantageous to discredit the Obama effort. Not to say she is making this up, but that it is utterly impossible to prove things one way or another, unless the guy confesses, or he had a messy jelly donut shortly before grabbing the woman. Or just changed the toner cartridge at the campaign Aych Queue.

Folks: here is the deal: some below-25-year-old saw an ad on Craiglslist and got hired to go door to door to hand out Obama bumper stickers.

Refute me on this. Please try.

This is the definition of pathetic.

On top of that: I have lost my love for the democratic party because back in the day, we would make fun of the republicans by pointing out how they had to PAY people to go deliver yard signs, do phone-banking, and leaflet neighborhoods.

Each and all of which I have done to the level of callouses and slivers and so on.

That was how we saw things: the conservatives could maintain some level of influence because the evil fat cats could always pay to have phone banks and such.

We called it “Astroturf:” it wasn’t real; you paid money and it was laid down in place real quick, and pretty much looked and felt like the real thing but was not. Astroturf.

(If this is lost on you, you will just have to go to wikipedia.)

At the same time, we had to counter-act, and fight, and win/lose 50/50 – but we believed if you had to depend upon actual opinions of the populace to carry out a campaign, then we democrats had the republicans beat hands-down across the board all the time.

We felt self-righteous. We knew we had the moral high ground. If we lost, the modest margin of loss was due to the astroturf effect. When we won, we knew it was because we had prevailed over the un-democratic force of Astroturf.

Well, lo and behold. Four years ago, I am procrastinating by browsing Craigslist, and I start to see the ads to get a job doing this or that – campaigining for Obama, or progress, or the environment, etc.

Covreage of the Astroturf issue picks up steam. It is revealed that all of thes Planned Parenthood demonstrations are composed of two crowds: the staff (big wuup) and paid rapscallions.

So, we have no party. We have no heart. We have no constituency. We have to trump these up, and pay for the populace.

And when you hire people off Craigslist to work a couple weeks for progressive issues or whatever, you are going to get Senor DILLIGAF-Yes-I-Do.

The wealthy hire people to campaigin for them.

We democrats hire people to campaign for us.

We democrats are the wealthy. The establishment. The group who is clinging to what we have in the face of need.

Luke M. Buchanan probably has no preference who wins, and he is the face of our party.

Good night. Game over. Even if we win.


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Nothing Will Be True.

The election season has kicked off yet again. It is Party Time.

It will be disgusting. We democrats will play all high-road and handsome. As we ought. But we should not. We haveĀ sold our souls. We are all socialists now. But we cannot let this news out. If anyone brings it up, just mention “McCarthy” and red-baiting.

It will be painful to see. Here is a brief guide about what to expect. First: any narrative/story/example of everyday citizen will be false. Patently false. Constructed. A woman who is paraded around for having lost her healthcare and being denied cancer care will be revealed, if the truth does come out, as being denied some experimental cancer screening, and she will be discovered to be self-employed, making a lot of money, and simply choosing to not bother to buy health insurance.

She will serve as canvas for us to contruct our pitty-potty platform. We aren’t for us, but for some imaginary collection of sad-sacks who, purportedly, are waiting for us to rescue them from the Big Blue Meanies (the unholy trinity of Christians, nukelar families, and people working at commerce).

Thankfully, the last two prez election rounds have taught the conservatives / republicans, so they will be on the case to reveal our fables.

This is really sickening. With so many real-world situations to address, why do we make them up? All of Obama’s from 2008 were made up.

So were all of Hilary’s.

Next, I will fill you in that every spontaneous question from some whistle stop will be fully constructed. The “small town single mom” will turn out to be some campaign staffer, and clever observers will find her in some group photo with Obama from a couple months previous. They will all be staged.

The entire crowd will be bussed in. This is what we did last time. Bussed from college campuses across state lines when necessary.

I am giving you the heads-up. This is one sign that this party is not what you think it is. Figure it out for yourself. Watch these fake campagin efforts.

Oh – and watch Craigslist for employment opportuntities. We will be hiring our “volunteers.” you might just be able to work a deal and get paid straight-up to vote for Obama.

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