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“Carol Browner resigns” = news. “Browner = Socialist” not news.

Like I have noted before – it is super wierd how the media work so hard to avoid noting that anyone appointed by Obama is a socialist. To this day, I mention this to my liberal friends regarding Van Jones, and they can do nothing except: (refer to marching orders) name-calling.

dang – even Wikipedia notes that Browner is Redder.


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AZ likely to require prez candidate to show birth certificate

Good night, Obama. This bill seems to have support in Arizona house and senate.


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Kagan, Sotomajor participate in SCOTUS Obama Decision.

This link is for a pdf that reports decisions and actions from the Supreme Court. Specifically, on Jan 18.

page 4. “Soetero.”

How can Sotomajor and Kagan make impartial decisions about the person who gave them their jobs?

A life term gives a great degree of freedom from entanglements, but the entanglement is already there.

Note that on at least one other decision, “132,” it is noted that SCJ Kagan did not decide: “Justice Kagan took no part in the consideration or decision of this motion.”

So, if a SCJ does not participate, it is noted.

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Dumbing Down: Minorities Need Color-Coded Elections?

WorldNetDaily reports this developing story: By a two-to-one margin, voters in majority African-American Kinston, NC voted to have local election ballotsĀ  be non-partisan: there would not be an (R) or (S) after the name of any republican or socialist candidate. Obama did not like this…

“…the U.S. attorney general ordered the election results voided because “removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, eliminate the single factor that allows black candidates to be elected to office.”

So, Obama, his Atty General John Holder, and I guess us democrats in genral believe Black people cannot figure out who to vote for, unless the ballot is color-coded.

To follow this issue, you can google the case “LaRoque v. Holder.”

The recent decision is here:

WARNING: If you are a democrat, DO NOT actually follow that link and do not Google the case, and read up on this for yourself, and figure out in your own opinion whether this fits with American, democratic values or not;. You MUST await directions from Party Central to figure out HOW you will identify the complainants as RACIST.

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